Dee Services Travel Management solution (I) Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Corporate Travel Management Company with highly core values that believes in the policy of “a penny saved is a penny earned”

Catering to 100+ high end corporates & A+ category of production & media houses, As well as HNI, continuing to serve them round the clock with complete travel solutions.

We are based out of Mumbai with an objective to fulfil and provide travel related services to both Domestic and International Traveller’s, with the mission of making their travel most comfortable and convenient.

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Our top priority is keeping your travellers safe


Our top priority is keeping your travellers safe. We have the expertise and the technology to help you ensure that no matter what crops up, you have your traveller’s back.

We’ll help you develop a travel programme that pushes boundaries and embodies your business, all while preventing costly mistakes before they happen.

Corporate travel is about so much more than booking flights. That’s why Dee Services Travels offers a breadth of corporate travel services through our talented teams and innovative technology.

Our approach to end-to-end business travel brings control to your corporate travel programme and delivers value through savings, efficiency with effectiveness and productivity.

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Our top priority is keeping your travellers safe